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Canberrans eager for Uber

Thursday, 10 September 2015 | By Denham Sadler
It seems those living in the nation’s capital really want to jump on the ride-sharing bandwagon.


Uber is proving to be very popular in Canberra even before it’s actually launched there, with the startup claiming that more than 3000 people have applied to be drivers.


That’s nearly one in 100 of Canberra residents, and a much higher proportion of eager Uber drivers than in other larger cities around the country.


“This is by far the most interest we’ve seen prior to launch anywhere in Australia,” Uber says.


“This is clear evidence of demand for more safe, reliable and affordable point-to-point transport options in the city.”


Uber says these stats are “surprising” and that there are currently about 4000 drivers in Sydney and 15,000 across Australia. It also added that nearly 20,000 people in Canberra had opened the app.


If that’s correct, it’s a pretty impressive stat, with the ride-sharing platform not expected to launch in the national capital until at least next month.


Ironically, a big customer for the company in Canberra could be the ATO, which says it hasn’t ruled out switching from taxis to Uber to ferry around staff.


Uber is currently challenging the ATO decision that the company’s drivers need to register for and pay GST.


Cabs cost the ATO nearly $4 million last year, so it seems they’re on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.


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