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Get your team thinking green

Wednesday, 9 November 2011 | By Taskmaster
TaskmasterThe carbon tax has now passed through the Senate and I’ve got a simple message for entrepreneurs – start thinking about it now.


Time and time again I’ve seen SMEs not worry about these things until the last minute, but that’s almost always the wrong approach to take. While there is talk about the Opposition repealing the tax if it wins office, we’ll still have to live the tax for at least 12 months so there is still good reason to make changes to your business.


Here at Taskmaster Enterprises, we’re going to start at a simple level by challenging all our little teams to go as green as they can.


We’ll be looking at the use of natural light, putting timer switches on appliances, cutting back on printing expenses and increasing recycling around the office.


I am also thinking of a few bigger changes. Could we reduce the number of car parking spaces we have and get some accommodation for people who ride to work, like bike lockers and shower facilities? We’ve got plenty of room for solar panels on our roof; should we look at that?


These are not just changes that will benefit my business under a carbon tax – these are changes that should help keep costs down and attract staff under any circumstances.


Get it done – today!