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Best of the web reads: How to launder money

Friday, 6 December 2013 | By Melinda Oliver

Dirty Money: Money laundering is tricky business, as the goal is to hide your tracks but make things look legitimate. Chris Pash’s Business Insider piece, ‘Here's How an Australian Cannabis Drug Syndicate Laundered Its Dirty Money’, reveals the ins and outs of the process. If you’re in a risky business and you have a large amount of cash you really shouldn’t have, what on earth can you do with it? Pash tracks how a drug smuggling group went about it.


Girls like pink, boys like blue, right?: Well, everyone knows things aren’t that simple, but in the world of gaming there are still powerful ways in which gender roles are defined. "Would it be fair for all the girls to buy princesses and the boys to buy superheroes?" asks a four-year-old girl in this piece, ‘No Girls Allowed’, from polygon.com. The little girl has a point, and the story delves into how, over decades, gaming became steered towards males rather than females.


Nine things successful people ignore: Do you worry more about what other’s think more than your own opinions? Or do you dwell on events from the past that didn’t go so well? In this blog post from Marc and Angel Hack Life, the authors look at the nine things that successful, happy people are good at ignoring in life. A top tip for business owners – stop spending time on insignificant tasks and get stuck into the important things.


Learn from The Hunger Games: When the second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire, hit the US cinemas and sent box office sales soaring, the stock of its studio, Lions Gate Entertainment, went down. According to comments in this story by Jason Lynch for Quartz, (qz.com), Wall Street didn’t panic, as it is quite the norm. Lynch explains why.