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Partnership gives locational app platform access to 250,000 developers

Friday, 21 February 2014 | By Rose Powell

GeoMoby, a geo-location tech platform, has announced a partnership with US mobile app marketplace Buzztouch to give them access to more than 250,000 app developers.


The GeoMoby software allows businesses to take advantage of geo-location advertising, such as a coffee shop sending a registered customer a notification of a deal when they walk near the shop, without the usual challenges.


Previously, geo-location advertising has been battery draining for consumers and inaccurate for business owners.


Co-founder and chief executive Chris Baudia told StartupSmart GeoMoby was engineered to solve both problems.


It doesn’t require battery-sapping GPS and can pinpoint a user to within a few centimetres.


The new partnership gives GeoMoby exposure to Buzztouch’s 250,000 developers, who created 70,000 apps last year.


“It might be a game changer really. Buzztouch wants to use our technology as a cool opportunity to bring in new developers, so this is an enormous opportunity for us,” Baudia says.


The team of three graduated from the first Founder Institute accelerator ran in Perth and launched their platform in June 2013.


The partnership came about after a Perth-based developer at Buzztouch recommended the GeoMoby team to the head of partnerships.


GeoMoby has just over 50 paying customers, mostly digital agencies and marketing group who manage and on-sell the opportunity presented by the technology to their individual clients.


They’ve just launched their first seed round and are looking to raise $250,000 for the first round, aiming for a total of $750,000 in three years.