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THE NEWS WRAP: Uber hits back at Lyft with counterclaims of wrongdoing

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 | By Kye White

Transportation network startup Lyft recently claimed Uber employees had requested and cancelled more than 5000 Lyft drivers, and now Uber has shot back.


According to The New York Times, Uber has accused Lyft of doing the same thing.


In a statement, Uber denied Lyft’s allegations and claimed that Lyft’s own drivers and employees, including one of Lyft’s founders, have cancelled 12,900 trips on Uber.


“But instead of providing the long list of questionable tactics that Lyft has used over the years, we are focusing on building and maintaining the best platform for both consumers and drivers,” the statement says.


“These attacks from Lyft are unfortunate but somewhat expected. A number of Lyft investors have recently being pushing Uber to acquire Lyft. One of their largest shareholders recently warned that Lyft would “go nuclear” if we do not acquire them. We can only assume that the recent Lyft attacks are part of that strategy.”


OnePlus launches weird, sexist, smartphone contest

Startup OnePlus recently launched its first smartphone, the One, and to deal with production issues, it’s been letting people buy them by invitation only.


According to The Verge OnePlus began supplementing that system with a contest dubbed Ladies First.


It asks women to draw the OnePlus logo on their body, or a sheet of paper they’re holding, take a photo of themselves, and then post it on the OnePlus forums.


From there the 50 most well liked will get a free T-shirt and the option of buying the phone.


Following widespread backlash, the startup removed the Ladies First contest page from its forums, but offered no further comment.


Apple releases diversity report

Apple has released its diversity report which shows that seven out of 10 of its workers globally are male, and in the United States 55 per cent of its workers are white.


The company says the numbers represent a work in progress and it hopes to achieve more diversity over time.



The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 9.44 to 16,560.54. The Australian Dollar is currently trading at US93 cents.