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By Taskmaster
Thursday, 19 January 2012


This article first appeared August 11, 2011.


If you’ve travelled on a train or bus recently – I haven’t of course, but several of my staff travel on the contraptions – you would have noticed how many heads are bowed as travellers hunch over the screens of smartphones or tablet computers.


The mobile web has turned us into a nation of internet junkies – we simply can’t be away from the web for even a few minutes.


As this survey by SmartCompany showed, more than two-thirds of smartphone users browse the news from their phone and almost 40% have a data allowance of more than one gigabyte.


That means your customers or potential customers could very well be accessing your web address via a mobile device.


But here’s a question: Does your website look any good on a smartphone or tablet?


The answer will very much depend on how complex your site is and what its features are. Borrow an iPhone and an iPad and a few similar devices and do some checking.


If your sites don’t work well, you may need to consider the creation of a mobile website – sort of a stripped back version of the full production.


Get it done – today!

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