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Take a few deep breaths

Friday, 29 November 2013 | By Taskmaster

Business is inherently stressful: The greater the risks, rewards, opportunities and costs, the higher the pressure.


There are many things in the workplace that can cause stress. Meetings, mountains of bureaucratic paperwork and tight deadlines are common causes.


And, especially if you’re managing people for the first time, it can be easy to take that stress and frustration out on your employees, where really your job should be inspiring your staff to do their best.


So, can you feel that sense of panic setting in? Is your blood pressure rising? Are you mere moments away from lashing out at someone?


If so, Old Taskmaster says stop. Drop what you’re doing right now – even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Perhaps excuse yourself from the room.


Then take a couple of deep breaths and regain your composure. Grab a hold of yourself.


If that doesn’t work, hide a stress ball under your desk or a punching pillow in your office. Your humble correspondent is also a big fan of the hand grip.


It’s far better to stay in control, even if it costs you 30 seconds of productivity, than it is to completely blow your cool – and make a costly mistake in the process.


Once you’ve got that unproductive angry energy out of your system, you can focus more clearly on the task at hand.


Because if you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage your business.


Get it done – today!