Greening your Business



Seven billion and then some

10:03PM | Wednesday, 26 October | Richard Nicol

With the global population set to hit seven billion and a price looming on carbon, now is a great time to get into the business of doing more with less. BY RICHARD NICOL.

Clean energy gets innovative

9:16AM | Wednesday, 28 September | Richard Nicol

I have stumbled across a few developments in the sustainability world recently that should provide Australian start-ups with food for thought. BY RICHARD NICOL.

What happens to sustainability when everyone stops spending?

9:33PM | Wednesday, 14 September | Richard Nicol

Times of poor economic activity are often when the best opportunities arise. What can sustainability do for your business, other than trim costs?

Green office savings

9:23AM | Thursday, 1 September | Richard Nicol

With rising energy prices the efficiency of your office space will affect your running costs more and more into the future.

The carbon tax opportunities

8:16AM | Wednesday, 3 August | Richard Nicol

A price on carbon will reward businesses that embrace the opportunities and punish the dinosaurs who resist change.

A taxing step forward for green start-ups

7:47AM | Wednesday, 20 July | Richard Nicol

A price on carbon is supposed to make the big polluters unhappy enough to change their behaviour, drastically. But what about the smaller guys? BY RICHARD NICOL.

Solar power – a no dawn start

7:06AM | Wednesday, 6 July | Richard Nicol

Research and development on energy is all about providing renewable base load power –something traditional solar thermal generation has been unsuccessful at achieving. That is until now.

Don’t let your business be green duped

6:29AM | Wednesday, 22 June | Richard Nicol

Start-ups can save money through energy efficiency, but misleading promises and poor-quality systems are common in the growing green market. BY RICHARD NICOL.

Some facts about carbon

6:19AM | Wednesday, 8 June | Richard Nicol

Confused about carbon? We set down some calculations showing just how much prices will increase under the carbon tax. BY RICHARD NICOL.

When is enough, enough?

5:41AM | Wednesday, 25 May | Richard Nicol

As a business operator, you need to think about how to minimise your carbon risk… that is if you haven't already. BY RICHARD NICOL.

Ditching the short-term thinking

5:51AM | Tuesday, 10 May | Richard Nicol

The smart and opportunistic business operators can capitalise on changes in sustainability while maximising profits, environmental and social benefits all at the same time. Clever, huh?

Sustaining your workforce

4:14AM | Tuesday, 19 April | Richard Nicol

Many benefits arise from making your organisation more sustainable. And what better way to further implement sustainability than to get the staff involved?

Avoid getting soaked in the greenwash

3:07AM | Tuesday, 29 March | Richard Nicol

The main issue to consider before commencing any green marketing communications is motive. Here’s the right one.

Building your green reputation

3:18PM | Tuesday, 15 March | Richard Nicol

Working towards gaining a good reputation is a smart long-term strategy for any start-up and by going greener you are taking a first step in securing that reputation.

Reducing your carbon tax risk

3:19AM | Wednesday, 2 March | Richal Nicol

Following the government's carbon tax proposals, it’s important to outline how you can best minimise your carbon risk into the future.

Switching on to energy efficiency

2:16AM | Tuesday, 15 February | Richard Nicol

As a small business starting out what can you do to minimise your electricity costs and exposure to the risk of price increases?

Why should start-ups care about sustainability?

2:21PM | Wednesday, 2 February | Richard Nicol

Although sustainability has been around for a long time, only recently has business become focused on its application. Here's why.