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Friday, 05 November 2010 14:36

I don’t want to be a “dead fish” handshaker

I was told my handshake was like a “dead fish” – how do I shake hands? I don’t want to be seen as a weak woman to people I work with.


Handshakes, ah well this is just like anything dairy – it’s either great or it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth. So here’s how to shake impressively – step in with your left foot, do not look down at their hand, trust me you will meet the other hand naturally.


Grip right hands firmly; firm like you are feeling to see if a melon is ripe, and the hands should meet at the webbing of your thumbs. Anything longer than four pumps is too long and anything less than two is just weird.


Pull your hands apart cleanly at the end of the shake, don’t linger your hands or slide your fingers along their palm, but don’t snap your hand away too quickly either, you are not in a musical dance number.


Shake from your elbow, not from your shoulder or your entire body. Stand strong. And finally, the most important aspect of a handshake is eye contact – this shows you are confident, that you can take on this new responsibility, or job, or client or to be the lead karaoke singer at your work Christmas party.


You are just the person for it; and this handshake is proof of the start of a strong, confident and exciting future.


Enjoy your new confidence and the game of etiquette.




Ms Manners, aka Danielle Di-Masi, is an expert personal brand and business etiquette coach and trainer at her company Next Business Leaders.

Ms Manners, aka Lady Danielle Di-Masi, is a business etiquette expert, coach, columnist and speaker.


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