Why diversity is a top priority for one of the world’s biggest accelerators: “It’s purely a greedy and selfish notion"

1:29AM | Monday, 4 January 2016 | Denham Sadler

For US-based 500 startups, placing diversity as a top priority is for the economic benefits rather than the social good.

Stronger work-family policies help women entrepreneurs build better businesses

11:12AM | Friday, 20 November 2015 | Sarah Thebaud

Are there certain policies that can promote women’s engagement in high-growth forms of entrepreneurship?

Six things every leader needs to know about dealing with mental health issues at work

10:16PM | Wednesday, 21 October 2015 | Karen Gately

If you are a leader of people, chances are at some point in your career you will manage someone battling mental illness, whether you know it or not.

Different plane: Would-be Amazon competitor Jet pivots less than three months after launch

10:27PM | Friday, 9 October 2015 | Kye White

Jet, the high-profile startup touted to be Amazon’s next big competitor, has pivoted, just three months after launch.

Women in tech must 'lean in': Professor Gillian Triggs

10:44PM | Monday, 5 October 2015 | Angela Priestley

Work should be about tasks accomplished rather than time spent in the office, according to Professor Gillian Triggs.

CFA study aid Apptuto helps when put to the test

10:55PM | Friday, 2 October 2015 | Kye White

Chartered Financial Analyst tests are notoriously difficult, simply because of the sheer volume of knowledge that must be learnt.

Why did Google's logo rollout go smoother than Yahoo's?

9:31PM | Monday, 7 September 2015 | Kay Tappan

When it comes to logo redesigns, it’s not what’s done so much as when it’s done and how it’s rolled out.

The Durkin opening: How startups can avoid making the wrong first move (slide deck)

9:35PM | Tuesday, 1 September 2015 | Paul Bennetts

The Durkin opening in chess is an awkward first move, leaving White at a disadvantage.

Far from bust: five ways MOOCs are helping people get on in life

8:04PM | Wednesday, 26 August 2015 | Lisa Harris

Massive Open Online Courses were expected to herald the end of higher education as we knew it when they began.

FactCheck: is ridesharing no safer than hitchhiking?

8:52PM | Thursday, 13 August 2015 | Terry Goldsworthy

In Australia, as in other countries, Uber and ridesharing apps like it are now posing a threat to the market dominance of traditional options such as taxis.

Why fear is the number one thing holding back entrepreneurs

8:35PM | Thursday, 13 August 2015 | Nina Hendy

The fear of failure, a perceived lack of expertise and financial concerns are very real concerns felt by Australian entrepreneurs.

Zirtual pulls plug and sacks workers with 1am email: How to avoid a similar startup fate

8:00PM | Wednesday, 12 August 2015 | Denham Sadler

A large US startup demonstrated how to abruptly disappear completely last night, and in turn showed companies how not to deal with the inherit state of flux that most startup founders are in.

Bigcommerce snaps up former PayPal executive to lead the company’s expansion plans

6:10PM | Tuesday, 9 June 2015 | Broede Carmody

Sydney-based e-commerce platform Bigcommerce has snapped up a former PayPal executive to oversee the company’s ambitious product expansion plans.

Television is changing, and viewer metrics need to change with it

5:45PM | Monday, 25 May 2015 | Marc C-Scott

The opening months of this year saw the first rumblings of a seismic shift in the Australian television market, with the introduction of three video-on-demand (VoD) subscription services: Stan; Presto; and Netflix.

How 'digital natives' are killing the 'sage on the stage'

5:03PM | Thursday, 7 May 2015 | Michael Cowling and Cris Brack

The idea that teachers should teach and students should listen presumes that teachers know more than their students.

Australia needs to embrace startups or get left behind: 2015 Crossroads report

4:17PM | Monday, 20 April 2015 | Broede Carmody

Australia has been given a direct warning in the latest StartupAus report: embrace startups or be left behind by the rest of the world.

Is the ‘shut-in’ economy taking off in Australia?

3:11PM | Tuesday, 31 March 2015 | Broede Carmody

Look out so-called sharing economy: the “shut-in economy” might soon be the new king of buzzwords.

Tech sector now represents 5.1% of Australia’s GDP, 22% of the workforce

3:30PM | Monday, 30 March 2015 | Andrew Sadauskas

The digital economy contributed $79 billion to the Australian economy in 2013/14, representing 5.1% of Australia’s gross domestic product, while 22% of employees now work intensively with ICT, according to a new Deloitte Access Economics report.

Advice or binding direction: What is the difference between an advisory board and a board of directors?

2:16PM | Monday, 23 February 2015 | Ursula Hogben

It is crucial to know the difference between directors and advisory board members, including the risks, duties and liabilities of each role.

Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover apologises for “big mistake” in website copy

2:04PM | Monday, 23 February 2015 | Broede Carmody

The founder of online community Product Hunt has learnt the value of empathetic copy after being called out online for an automated message that implied all founders are male.