Managing Business Risk


Managing Business Risk

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 15:10

Perspective is everything

In my last post for this year I want to take you far away from your business, your family and all around you for just a few moments. I want you to have a look at this picture of us (all of us) from 1.5 billion kilometres away.


The spacecraft Cassini took this picture of Earth in 2006 when Cassini was still well within our solar system:



Earth is the dot, which has to be magnified (top left-hand corner) for you to even see where it is! And remember that our solar system is yet another insignificant dot in our galaxy that is another insignificant dot…


This “Pale Blue Dot” is what we call home. And to paraphrase Carl Sagan, everyone you’ve ever known, or ever heard about, from the very beginning of time until now is (or was) on this dot. Every “grand” achievement or success you’ve had, or envied, occurred on this dot. Every war and every hug occurred on this dot. Every child, father or mother….


I don’t think there is a word in any human language that can describe how small and insignificant we really are. Our brains cannot conceive it and maybe this is why we keep forgetting it.


For me, a regular reminder of my insignificance is the holy grail of staying centred and focused. It acts as a very powerful anchor. It instantly pulls me out of whatever “storm in a tea cup” that may be happening at that time. It helps me truly see what really matters.


Now let’s talk Business


In the business world, and in life, it is so easy to get sucked into whatever “storm in a tea cup” that is happening at that time.


It is so easy to slip into it and waste time on energy-sapping activities. I hope you find that anchor that brings you back to the right perspective. I believe, without one, and the “WHY” you do what you do, you will never have what it takes to make the most of each day … no matter what the day brings.


And as this tiny “Pale Blue Dot” that is our Earth completes another circuit around our tiny yellow sun, I wish you all a truly happy and meaningful life.

Walid El-Khoury is a business coach and advisor at Univero Business Coaching.


Walid works with his clients to develop effective business plans that work. He focuses as much on business growth strategies as he does on managing the risk associated with these strategies.


He brings more than 10 years experience in banking, risk management and consulting. During this time, he saw, first-hand, how “successful” billion-dollar businesses were wiped out because they lacked viability and insight into risk and uncertainty.


He has been a keen business investor with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, a passion for focused self-education and the ongoing process of improvement. For more interesting business topics, visit Walid’s Business Blog.

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