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Set down some Christmas party rules: Taskmaster

Set down some Christmas party rules

By Taskmaster
Thursday, 01 December 2011

TaskmasterAh, the Christmas party season. Don’t you just love it? Overly boozed staff, late nights, long waits for a cab home... who says Christmas isn’t a time of joy?


The most excruciating part of a Christmas party for a boss is those awkward conversations you have with staff who have clearly been dreading the awkward conversation with the boss for days. My rule? Ask if they are going away for the holidays, say thanks for a great year and get the heck out of there.


But that’s not my only rule for the Christmas party this year. Here are some others:


  • No one drives, everyone gets a taxi home.
  • Provide plenty of food so it doesn’t become a booze-a-thon.
  • No Facebook posts, no tweets, no social media inside the party. This protects everyone’s reputation, prevents drunken posts and ensures people are spending the night glued to their phones.
  • Party ends by 10:30pm – or at least the boss leaves then.
  • Everyone gets a little “behave” message from their team leader before the big night.
  • EVERYONE turns up the next day on time. A hangover shared is slightly less painful.


If you have any other rules to share, let me know in the comments sections below.


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Couldn't agree with this any more.
a guest , December 13, 2011
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