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Five simple strategies to attract the right people to your business on Facebook

Thursday, 18 July 2013 | By Cas McCullough

Are you attracting the right people to your business page on Facebook?


Are you wondering why some people seem to have a steady stream of “likes” and interaction, while your page falls flat?


If that’s you, today’s post offers some encouragement. A lot of people give up on social media because they don’t know how to attract the right people to their social profiles.


If you think this topic has been done to death, I hope to show you today that there is still much businesses can learn about Facebook marketing that isn’t covered by the Facebook gurus.


Below are five simple strategies you may have overlooked:


1. Including a Facebook Like box on your website


I’ve mentioned this strategy before but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook it. So, I thought it was worth mentioning again. A Facebook Like box entices qualified prospective clients to “like” your business page, particularly if they never log out of Facebook and can see which of their Facebook friends like you too.


2. Including a “like” button on your newsletters and emails


Do you invite your subscribers and customers to “like” you? You may be amazed at how many don’t already “like” your business page. Don’t take it for granted. Ask for the “like” so you can continue the conversation and relationship building with them on your Facebook page.


3. Inviting people to “like” your Facebook page in guest posts


When you guest post somewhere, do you invite people to ask you questions on Facebook? This one simple strategy opens the floor for people who may never have come across you before, but who are interested in what you have to offer.


4. Sharing the Facebook SMS address to people at networking events so they can “like” your page immediately


Did you know that your contacts can “like” you on Facebook via SMS? Test it out now! Text the words (with no parentheses): “like casmccullough” to 32665. You can find out more about this here at Facebook.


5. Creating Facebook ads targeted at your mailing list, using Power Editor


This week social media pro Jon Loomer wrote a beaut post about this on Social Media Examiner. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought you might like to read it here.


Again, just because they’re your subscribers, does not mean they “like” your business page on Facebook already. If you’d like to extend more relationship-building opportunities to your subscribers, inviting them to “like” you so you can continue the conversation on Facebook is a fantastic idea. You can simply upload your mailing list to Facebook and target an ad specifically at your mailing list recipients.


Over to you! Have you implemented any of the above simple strategies? Leave a comment below to share your outcomes or suggestions!


P.S: I’m hosting a FREE webinar on July 31 where I’m going to share more on Facebook marketing conversion strategies and take your questions. If you need help in this area, register here.