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How Facebook helps your business Like its genuine fans

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 | By Cas McCullough

I’ve said it before and will happily say it again and again and again, if you want to attract genuine fans to your social platforms, having a website enables that to happen is a must!


But here’s where it gets a bit confusing. Just how do you integrate your social platforms with your website?


Well, fortunately there are a few fantastic tools to help you do that. Today I want to focus on one very powerful tool: The Facebook Like Box.


Most people don’t bother to log out of Facebook when they’re on the internet and if you have a Facebook Likebox on your website, that’s great news for you, because when someone lands on your website, the faces that will show up in your Facebook Like Box will be that person’s Facebook friends.


As you may well know, people like to like things their friends like, so, if someone sees their friends like your page, they are more likely to like it too. Make sense?


It also means that your potential clients don’t need to leave your website in order to interact with you or “like” you on Facebook. This is a huge plus and can drive a lot more qualified leads to your page.


Lastly, the fans who like your page via your website are more likely to be qualified potential clients and not just people liking you for the sake of it.


I see a lot of people struggling with attracting genuine potential clients to their Facebook pages.


However, if you’re just trying to drum up a following on Facebook and don’t use your website to build your following, you’ll not only waste your precious time but you may end up attracting people who will never buy from you over people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.


How do you insert a Facebook Like Box?


If you haven’t already put a Facebook Like Box on your website, here’s how you do it:



Firstly, you need a Facebook Business Page in order to put a Facebook Like Box on your website and not just a profile.


Secondly, go to your Edit Settings section in your Admin Panel and click on “Resources”, and then select “Use Social Plugins” from the list.


Once you’ve clicked on that you’ll see a huge list of social plugins you can use on your website. Find “Like Box” and click on that option.


You can then customize your like box’s width, height, colour and border etc. Once your like box looks the way you want it to, simply click on “Get Code”.


I prefer to use the iframe code on my website but you can choose from whatever code option suits your needs. If you don’t know, try one and see if it works.


You then just place the code in a text widget on your website sidebar or on a page or post. I recommend posting your code in a widget that appears on every page of your website rather than just on one page, as people enter your website from a variety of pages and posts, depending on their search terms and not just your homepage.


So, if you haven’t yet placed a Facebook Like Box on your website, go and do it today and start attracting genuine potential clients to your Facebook Page.