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How do I get into the right mindset to start my business?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013 | By Jane Shelton

I’ve quit my job and decided to start a home-based business. However, after a few weeks spent relaxing at home, I’m finding it hard to get into the right mindset. How can I start treating home like a workplace?


Jumping off the deep end into a home-based business by quitting your job may not have been the best option.


Did you think through your business plan, how to reach your customers and future business development? Have you put aside a nest egg to give you the necessary capital to make it through the initial phases?


Part of the reason for your difficulty in getting into the right mindset, may be due to a lack of structure and planning even before start-up. Stop procrastinating and immediately write out your plan. A successful start needs forethought and a little bit more than opportunistic luck to make a real go of it.


Now is the time to think through what’s going to maximise your potential of your BIG idea into a successful money making venture. Set up your physical workspace and start creating customer relationships for the long-term.


Help yourself by starting out how you mean to proceed with the business. Figure out where in the house you are going to set aside a dedicated space for the home office and establish your work environment. Buy your office furniture, and make sure you have the right business equipment and technology.


Plan and structure your business day. If it becomes really difficult try using the routine from your old office environment – start at 9.00am, finish at 5pm and see if this helps kick start your home-based business mindset.


If your motivation plummets, keep remembering what excites you about your home-based business and the freedom it represents. Whether you’re converting a hobby into a money making venture or capitalising on skills from your old job. Keep a clear vision and idea of the business to sustain you through any early difficulties.


Ensure you get support from the rest of your family and they understand the difficulties you are facing so they can be part of your cheer squad, instead of thinking it’s an on-going holiday to have you at home. Making sure the family is supportive of the new business will be a major part of your success.