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Running your business from your smartphone

Friday, 19 July 2013 | By John Russell

There is a lot of debate around having an office for workers to do work in. There is also much debate over the mounting evidence that people don’t actually get work done at work.


I personally believe the answer falls somewhere in the middle (depending on the business), but the real question is: Are you at least giving it a go?


I’ve run my business side by side with my full-time job as a senior business advisor for nearly a year. I have to say – apart from a few coffee meetings and attended events – my business has been run almost entirely on my iPhone.


The business folder on my iPhone includes apps such as Evernote, Saasu, and Zoho, among quite a few others.


I also have my emails, which is where most things get done. But everything else manages my ideas, customer relationships, website analytics, marketing analytics, quotes, word processing, workflow, and client connectivity: my business in my pocket.


It would be an absolute pain if I had to run everything off a desktop because I would have to be there and logged on to do things when they need to be done.


My phone is always in my pocket, so if something needs to be done urgently, I can do it all with a few touches of the screen.


It’s an unbelievable thought to think that at my job I run off dual monitors in an office with paper scattered all over my desk. That’s one business.


Then CloudBaseMedia.com.au (my business) simply sits in my pocket all day and if I need to do something, then I do. Granted, I make a more money for my employer than I do my own business, but for a start-up entrepreneur looking to get ahead in life why not operate off a smartphone? You’ll have a whole lot fewer headaches.


The best thing though, and probably the funniest, is that my business is far more secure than my work is. I back up to Apple’s multimillion dollar iCloud Facility. Let’s just say my work hasn’t gotten to that stage yet.


So secure, timely, and cool. These are the benefits of running a business from your phone. When cool is a benefit of your business operations then trust me, you are doing something right and you will no doubt attract some pretty cool staff along the way.


It makes you wonder also how productive I might be with an iPad? Also makes you wonder how long the PC has left in the office you are currently reading this article from?


If you want to get in touch with me regarding the above and how I manage to run a business and maintain a job, don’t hesitate to visit my website – www.cloudbasemedia.com.au. If you are after some ground work consulting to help you start up and hit the ground running please fill out my free quote page and I’d be happy to get back to you.