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10 more must-have apps for mumpreneurs

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 | By Amanda Jesnoewski

To work effectively as a mumpreneur you need to be able to work from anywhere at any time, and thanks to laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs and innovative apps, making your business portable has never been easier.


With so many great apps available to help make running your business on the go possible, and your life easier in the process, I thought I would add to the previous list of must-have apps for mumpreneurs and bring you 10 more.


So here are my next top 10 apps that have helped me work effectively on the go and simplify my life so I have more time for what’s most important.


1. LogMeIn


As a mumpreneur, being able to access all of your files and folders on the go is a must. With LogMeIn you can access your PC or Mac from your mobile or tablet while you are out and about.


All of your files, folders and applications can easily be accessed giving you the flexibility to leave the office and go to the park or play centre without leaving anything behind. Just keep in mind that you do need 3G or Wi-Fi to access it.


2. Instapaper


Thanks to social media and internet searches I’m constantly coming across websites, articles and blog posts that I want to read, but don't have the time to straight away.


Instapaper allows you to save the content you want to read later on, offline. So you can view articles on your smartphone, iPad or computer when it's more convenient – without needing Wi-Fi or 3G.


3. OfficeTime


As a freelance copywriter, tracking my time is vital. Not just to monitor the time spent when I'm working on an hourly rate, but also to help me monitor the amount of time I spend on each task so I can identify ways to work more efficiently and make sure that when I quote per project my time scheduling and rates are accurate and I’m not underquoting.


With OfficeTime, your time and expenses are easily tracked, reported and organised so you can invoice quickly. It's even intuitive enough to know when you’ve been away from your computer or phone and allows you to put that time into another project or leave it off all together.


4. PayPal


Whether you suddenly remember that you need to pay someone, or you need to check if they have paid you, PayPal makes making and receiving payments on-the-run easy.


5. Shoeboxed


Bookkeeping is by far my most hated job, though it is made a little easier with Shoeboxed. Shoeboxed helps turn that pile of receipts into digital data for effortless expense reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation that can then be exported to MYOB, Excel, QuickBooks, CSV and more.


You just take pictures of receipts and Shoeboxed human verifies the data, entering the date, amount, payment type, vendor and category, and sending it back to you when done.


6. Fast Analytics


Whether you are in the middle of a marketing campaign or just want to monitor your web and blog statistics on the go, Fast Analytics is great.


Syncing with your Google Analytics account, Fast Analytics can show you your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statistics as well as content, traffic sources and search engine keyword reports and even visitor browser, country and engagement reports.


7. Total Recall


When brainstorming my ideas and planning blog posts I love to use mind maps, and with Total Recall I can do them on the run and access them anytime.


There are literally hundreds of mind mapping apps like this one, iBlueSky, Idea Sketch and iThoughts are just a few. Some are paid and some are free like Total Recall, though most of them are all similar in their function, so test a few to see which one you like best.


8. MightyMeeting


With meetings being an essential part of my business, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make them more efficient and, of course, more effective. That’s what I love about MightyMeeting, it simplifies the whole process. You can store your presentations on the app so you can do your pitch whenever and wherever an opportunity presents itself.


The best part though is that you can have meetings remotely with many different people at all different locations – ideal for your outsourced team or interstate and international clients. At the push of a button you can start a meeting in your private online meeting room and others can join via the web, or their smartphone or tablet. You can also share notes, slides and videos with all those that attend.


9. Kindle


Whether it's reading a business book while you wait for a client to arrive for your meeting or the kids to finish their sporting activities, or chilling out and having some ‘me time’ after a long day, the Kindle app is a must have for mumpreneurs.


10. Woolworths/Coles and Lasoo


As a mumpreneur with limited time, you need to find ways to be more efficient across all areas of your life. The Woolworths, Coles and Lasoo apps give you access to the latest catalogues on the go so you can shop smarter and source the best buys.


From having the convenience to arrange your shopping list by aisle with Coles, shop from anywhere at any time and have your groceries delivered to you when it's convenient with Woolworths and the ability to share your shopping list with other app users on both, these great little apps can make the mundane task of shopping a little easier and save you both time and money in the process.


Now over to you, what apps are on your must-have list?