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Refunds remain consumers’ biggest irk as group buying gripes soar

3:20AM | Tuesday, 12 March

Refunds continue to be the main cause of consumer complaints across all product categories, according to figures from NSW Fair Trading, as group buying and discount deals gripes escalate.

Privacy Act changes: What your start-up must know

8:41AM | Monday, 6 August

Start-ups are being warned to consider changes to the Privacy Act to avoid unwittingly exposing themselves to massive fines in the crucial set-up phase.

Group buying body releases global code of conduct

6:10AM | Friday, 15 June

Group buying sites can now choose to be held accountable on a global scale, with the release of the first global code of conduct, seven months after the release of an Australian code of conduct.

Group buying guide launched for small businesses

3:28AM | Friday, 9 March

Small businesses can now gain greater insight into the group buying channel, with the launch of a business guide designed to complement the Australian Group Buying Code of Conduct.

Groupon’s IPO success set to spark local activity

11:22AM | Monday, 7 November

It’s been revealed Groupon raised $US700 million after increasing the size of its initial public offering, with experts predicting the local market to witness similar activity as the sector starts to mature.

Group buying industry adopts code of conduct

11:15AM | Wednesday, 2 November

The group buying industry has unveiled its first code of conduct, following a series of complaints by businesses and consumers over the practices of certain operators.

Group buying sites warned over “big stick” regulation

10:48AM | Thursday, 13 October

Local group-buying sites are being warned to clean up their act or face “big stick” government intervention, following a spike in customer complaints over unclear policies, stock shortages and delays.