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Twitter announces new profile page design and features, AFL early off the mark for an upgrade

11:00AM | Wednesday, 30 November

Twitter has announced a new layout and new features for its profile pages, in a change set to roll out over coming weeks, with the AFL among the first accounts to receive the upgrade.   The redesigned layout will initially be made available for new users and a small group of selected existing users, including the AFL.   Key features of the new layout include the introduction of a Facebook-style banner and larger profile images.   The upgrade will also mean users to pin a ‘favourite tweet’ to the top of their Twitter feed, while tweets with more user engagement will appear larger than those without.   AFL social media manager Tyson Densley told StartupSmart the new changes will help users better engage with the game.   “We're fortunate enough to have many great moments to share with our social community every weekend, and Twitter's new profile pages will enable us to extend the lifespan of some of the great videos and photos produced by our team,” Densley says.   “Our game also delivers a great number of talking points every day and footy fans can now discover our most engaging tweets with ease. We look forward to having some fun with the new design and continuing to bring our fans closer to the game.”   Aside from the AFL, film stars Zac Efron and Channing Tatum, US First Lady Michelle Obama, boxer Floyd Mayweather, musician John Legend and the band Weezer have all seen profile page upgrades.   According to web marketing expert and StartupSmart contributor Adam Franklin, one of the problems many users experienced as the service grew increasingly popular is that users found themselves with a growing number of real-time tweets clogging up their accounts.   “As it’s been getting more popular is that you had an increasing amount of content in your feed. Now, aside from being just a real time system, it categorises tweets by year and month, so you can go back and make sense of it all – to go back and see what’s what,” Franklin says.   Franklin says the new look is likely to draw in businesspeople who had held off on using the service.   “I think it will make Twitter much more approachable, in the sense of being more familiar like Facebook.   “Especially for newbies, until you actually start to use it, it can be difficult to make sense of what’s what, so I think it certainly will be more familiar for newbies.   The similarities to Facebook have not been missed by existing users either:   I don't know if I wanna use Twitter anymore now that it looks oddly similar to Facebook, a site I absolutely don't like. #NewTwitter— Shady Prim Amour (@Moyopri) April 9, 2014   I see @Twitter is changing their looks once again.... Seen it somewhere before? Ah yes! #Faceebook LOL Check out @Weezer's page #NewTwitter— Brent ツ (@Brent_F1) April 9, 2014   #NewTwitter Is twitter trying to be as bad as facebook? So glad I use tweetdeck and it stays old school— R e e D F o r C e (@reed_tiburon) April 9, 2014

Top mentor lessons to take into 2014

1:22AM | Thursday, 2 January

One of the most common pieces of advice for people setting out on the road to starting their own business is how important it is to find a mentor.   Most founders and small business people can’t stress enough how valuable it was for them to have someone they could bounce ideas off and who could help clarify their thinking.   At StartupSmart we’ve got some of Australia’s top mentors who offered compelling advice on a range of topics.   Here we’ve collected some of the most popular that resonated with readers in 2013.   Setting up a sales commission structure   How to set up a sales commission structure for a business was one of the most popular posts of the year from mentor Vicki Crowe.   But she explained that a key question to clarify is whether it’s a commission structure you actually want or a bonus scheme.   “A commission structure usually applies when you are offering someone a piece of the action. For example: X % of the gross revenue or an amount for selling X amount of product(s). A bonus scheme, however, is based on meeting fixed monthly and/or annual targets,” she writes.   She goes on to outline how she structured her own sales commission structure.   Why LinkedIn is hot   LinkedIn has become more than an online resume and Rolodex, writes social media expert Adam Franklin. In this post he sets out six reasons why it’s the best social media platform for start-ups.   He notes it’s becoming the “go-to” place for business news and is a content sharing platform that can get your articles in front of your entire contact base.   Using LinkedIn like a pro   LinkedIn topics were favourites for readers, and this one, again from Adam Franklin, about how to use it effectively, was also popular.   Here he guides LinkedIn novices through the basics of connecting with other professionals, through to building a profile and getting proactive.   Follow his advice and soon you’ll be able to apply the platform to helping others and yourself.   Pitching to new customers   There are many things to get your head around when you’re running a new business, from branding to stock control, writes Michelle Bowden.   “But a key skill you need to become brilliant at, and quickly, is pitching for business,” she says. “If you can fast-track your ability to bring new customers in the door and keep them as loyal clients you’ll be creating very strong foundations for your start-up business.”   In this post she explains her seven secrets to pitching to new clients, from building relationships to making sure you make a good first impression.   What’s the worst thing you can do in business – and life?   For Rebekah Campbell, never ever telling a lie was one of the best bits of advice she’s been given and that she can offer. Something so simple and yet so powerful.   “I seldom adopt esoteric business philosophies but its impact has been such that I believe this powerful secret should be talked about,” she writes.   “Truth and its relationship to creativity, peace and ultimately success have played on my mind in the past couple of months. If you've read this post and thought, "that doesn't relate to me – I never tell a lie", then you're probably lying to yourself.”   Some others worth reading and thinking about: Franz Madlener explored the discussion around calls to change the threshold on when GST should be applied to overseas online purchases and what impact it could have; Scott Robinson offered some advice on dealing with a bad review on social media; and Lauren Ridgway looks at what social media platform might be best for your business.

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