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The break-up: What happens when franchises go wrong

2:17AM | Monday, 4 February

A franchise has often been compared to a marriage. Franchisor and franchisee have a close working relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Pie Face rejects ex-franchisee’s bullying claims

3:17AM | Friday, 15 March

Pie Face has hit back at claims that it doesn’t do enough to support franchisees, after another former franchisee of the chain came forward to criticise the business.

“I’ve suffered $1 million in losses”: Pie Face franchisee tells all

3:10AM | Monday, 11 March

A group of Pie Face franchisees are preparing to sue the company for millions of dollars, with one franchisee alleging that undisclosed costs were a key factor in the underperformance of his stores.

Pie Face strikes deal to open more than 60 NZ stores

9:41AM | Thursday, 13 September

Australian food franchise Pie Face plans to open more than 60 stores in New Zealand after granting an exclusive license to two local businessmen.

Pie Face eats up $15 million investment from casino mogul Steven Wynn

6:47AM | Tuesday, 26 June

Food franchise Pie Face has secured a $15 million investment from casino mogul Steven Wynn in return for a 43% stake in the company, five months after it expanded to the United States.

Pie Face aims at taking slice of US market

3:29AM | Friday, 15 March

Food franchise Pie Face has expanded to the United States, opening its first store in the heart of New York, but has tweaked its all-Australian offering only slightly for the US market.

Pie in the sky

9:43PM | Tuesday, 13 September

When customers walk into a Pie Face store, they are greeted with the sight of numerous pies adorned with endearingly childish faces – a smiley face for chicken, a squiggly face for chunky steak and a lip-licking breakfast version.