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Introducing our finalists for the Best New Startup Idea award

3:10PM | Wednesday, 26 March

The first few years for a startup are shaky, nerve-wracking ones. This award celebrates those who have hit the ground running and are getting serious traction.   The winner will be announced at the StartupSmart awards night. You can follow the awards night with the hashtag #susawards.   Wish Registry   Launched in November last year, social gifting app Wish Registry spent its first month fielding Christmas listings and brought in almost $50,000 in revenue.   The app allows people to list the products they would like as presents. Founder Claire Summers has signed large retailers including Lorna Jayne, Sanity Music and Tony Bianco into the program for 18 months.   The marketplace app is designed to solve problems for both consumers who use the app for free and retailers who pay.   StartupSmart spoke to Summers when the company launched.   Infinity NBN   The national broadband network has opened up new business opportunities already, with this retail internet provider using the weekly, monthly and quarterly database published by the NBN to identify new clients.   Launched by Daniel and Jo O’Reilly, Infinity NBN offers a range of internet plans. The company made almost $300,000 in revenue last year.   Despite losing their first supplier within three months of operation, the company rallied and is growing.   StageBitz   Founded by Catherine Prosser and Mat Lawrence, StageBitz went from zero paying customers to over 50 in 2013, generating over $90,000 in revenue.   From the Bell Shakespeare company to the Victorian Opera, StageBitz prop management software has become a standard industry tool, cataloguing props and costumes so they’re usable again.   This year they intend to expand to the United Kingdom. StartupSmart covered StageBitz when they raised $890,000 in 2012.   LabFriend   Australia’s science community only had a choice between two major international companies for equipment before LabFriend came along.   Founded by Karl  Wyzenbeek, LabFriend offers over 360 brands of lab equipment and a welcome local option.   The business is entirely online and last year’s revenue was north of $150,000.   Pocketbook   Personal finances management app Pocketbook has been growing rapidly, accruing its first 50,000 users without spending a cent.   Pocketbook combines a variety of financial information such as bank statements, bills and receipts in one easy to follow forum.   Co-founded by Bosco Tan and Alvin Singh, the app has been making waves online and across the media. The app brought in just over $50,000 in revenue in 2013.   Pocketbook recently raised $50,000 and its founders shared their growth plans with StartupSmart.

StageBitz snags $890,000 from multiple investors

3:20AM | Tuesday, 12 March

Tech23 alumni StageBitz has raised $890,000 in funding from investors including ANU Connect Ventures and the Sydney Angels Sidecard Fund, as it seeks to revolutionise the arts industry.

Uncovering the Canberra start-up scene

9:29PM | Tuesday, 11 September

Canberra   Population: 358,000   Start-up survival rate: 71.7% (2007 to 2009).   If Australian entrepreneurs are asked to think about the best start-up hubs in the country, it’s safe to say Canberra doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

10 Aussie start-ups gunning for Silicon Valley

5:20AM | Thursday, 31 May

For Australian start-ups dreaming of making it big in the US, the transition time from launching to jumping on a pan-Pacific flight seems to be getting quicker and quicker.

10 top gender barrier-breaking female entrepreneurs

5:14AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Australian women make great entrepreneurs. That’s not just an idle opinion – recent research revealed that Aussie women are second only to their American counterparts when it comes to starting businesses. 

Australia’s top 10 female start-up entrepreneurs

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

When it comes to women in business, Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world. Still.


6:36AM | Monday, 27 June

StageBitz is the latest project of Catherine Prosser, who founded Canberra-based theatre software company Production Genie in 2007.