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Blackbird Ventures rolls out $30 million start-up fund

3:09PM | Thursday, 14 March

Blackbird Ventures is determined to offer Australian start-ups much-needed Series A funding rounds, after announcing the formation and first close of its $30 million venture capital fund.

AngelList set for $150 million valuation following fundraise

3:28AM | Monday, 11 March

US-based platform AngelList is reportedly in the process of raising a major round of financing at a valuation that could top $150 million, with Google Ventures among the rumoured investors.

How we hustled our way into 500 Startups: Kickfolio

5:25PM | Sunday, 19 May

AngelCube alumni Kickfolio has highlighted the “hustle” it went through in order to be accepted into US accelerator 500 Startups, which recently announced its newest batch of companies.

US incubator 500 Startups to make it easier for Australian ventures to apply

9:50PM | Sunday, 16 September

Top US incubator 500 Startups has widened its application process, confirming it will take applications from any venture through AngelList, making it considerably easier for Australian start-ups to be accepted into the program.

Convertible notes and priced rounds

9:35AM | Friday, 14 September

There has been some debate lately about two forms of investment structure used by VCs, namely “priced rounds” and “convertible notes”.

Mexican entrée for 500 Startups' Latin American main dish

8:30PM | Wednesday, 8 August

Start-up accelerator 500 Startups will expand its reach after acquiring Latin American accelerator Mexican.VC, but a local expert says it could be a while before something similar happens in Australia.

How we raised $1.2 million from Peter Thiel: ScriptRock

7:25AM | Wednesday, 25 July

Honesty is a virtue often underrated by start-ups seeking investment, according to local start-up ScriptRock, after it raised $1.2 million in a round led by vaunted US serial entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

International Startup Festival speaks to female entrepreneurs

7:02AM | Friday, 13 July

The International Startup Festival will wrap up today after three days of entrepreneurial action in Montreal, which hosted an impressive lineup including female entrepreneur Fiona Gilligan.

Local start-ups urged to register for International Startup Festival

5:34AM | Thursday, 10 May

ANZA Technology Network is encouraging Australian start-ups to register for the International Startup Festival, which will see one new venture walk away with an investment of at least $50,000.

LinkedIn snaps up content-sharing platform SlideShare for $119 million

5:15AM | Friday, 4 May

LinkedIn has acquired professional content-sharing platform SlideShare for $119 million, in a deal that will enable LinkedIn users to utilise SlideShare’s popular presentations feature.

How to make the perfect pitch

5:24AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Knowing how to pitch to an audience is one of the most important things an entrepreneur needs to know, particularly if they plan on raising capital from investors.

Three reasons for Aussie start-ups to make the trip to SXSW 2012

3:06AM | Friday, 2 March

The South by Southwest festival kicks off in Texas next week, aiming to build upon the momentum of last year’s 25th anniversary, with the Startup Bus making its return.

Ex-Myspace CEO Mike Jones launches start-up incubator Science

11:45AM | Thursday, 17 November

Former Myspace chief Mike Jones has launched a new start-up incubator known as Science, joining the plethora of tech entrepreneurs who have launched accelerators.

Veokami among 500 Startups’ latest intake

10:10AM | Monday, 17 October

Australian-founded tech start-up Veokami is among the latest batch of companies to participate in the 500 Startups program, as it prepares for an investor pitch early next year.

Top 10 start-up incubators

5:58AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Start-up incubators are not exactly new. The concept of helping foster promising young businesses formally kicked off in 1959, when the Batavia Industrial Center in New York opened its doors for the first time.

BugHerd pitches to global audience at 500 Startups

8:52AM | Wednesday, 17 August

US tech accelerator 500 Startups held its second-ever Demo Day earlier this week, attended by 31 start-ups from around the globe, including Australian start-up BugHerd.

Keeping your start-up’s score

7:29AM | Thursday, 14 July

Ingraining a data-driven culture in your start-up is essential and need not come at the expense of creativity.

500 Startups invests in Aussie firm BugHerd

6:20PM | Monday, 13 June

US tech accelerator 500 Startups has invested in 21 new companies in its latest founding round, including Australian start-up BugHerd.