David Bradbury


GST threshold change unlikely to impact overseas web purchases: Report

3:21AM | Monday, 11 March

Almost 80% of Australian consumers oppose reductions to the GST-free threshold on overseas online purchases, but any change will do little to quell their appetite to spend, new research reveals.

Government to start implementing changes around GST import threshold

3:06AM | Monday, 11 March

The Government has issued a response to the Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce report, saying that it won't lower the GST-free threshold right away, but will begin preparing businesses cases and plans for reforming the parcel processing procedure in general.

THE NEWS WRAP: Assistant Treasurer takes Google and Apple to task over tax havens

3:32AM | Monday, 11 March

Google and Apple have been reportedly singled out by the Federal Assistant Treasurer for using tax havens such as Ireland in order to reduce their tax bills on revenue generated in Australia.

Government to name and shame dodgy app vendors

3:07AM | Monday, 11 March

The Federal Government is encouraging the public to “name and shame” the vendors of dodgy apps as part of an inquiry by the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council.

Retailers call for government to act on parcel-processing findings

9:54AM | Friday, 7 September

A major retail body is calling for action based on the findings of a report into parcel processing procedures, but the Federal Government and the Coalition continue to distance themselves from the issue.

Retail group outlines agenda for first Retail Council meeting

7:03AM | Monday, 16 July

The GST threshold and parcel processing flaws are among the issues the Australian Retailers Association will discuss at the first meeting of the Retail Council of Australia later this week.

Federal Budget 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly

3:03AM | Monday, 18 March

The 2012 Federal Budget has lived up to its promise of delivering a “modest” surplus, with most of the measures announced also fairly modest.

Federal Budget 2012: Business welcomes Labor’s tax loss carry-back measures

5:29AM | Tuesday, 8 May

Business groups have welcomed the Federal Government’s Budget tax loss carry-back measures, although concerns remain over business tax levels amid local and global economic conditions.

Small business roundtable prompts call for $30 million SME tax break

5:54AM | Friday, 4 May

A roundtable hosted by the Council of Small Business of Australia and The Tax Institute has prompted calls for next week’s Budget to include a $30 million tax break for small business.

Small Business Minister role opens up – again

2:15AM | Tuesday, 28 February

Labor Senator Mark Arbib has stepped down from his role as Small Business Minister, much to the exasperation of the small business sector, which will now have to deal with its fourth federal representative in five years.

Group buying sites warned over “big stick” regulation

10:48AM | Thursday, 13 October

Local group-buying sites are being warned to clean up their act or face “big stick” government intervention, following a spike in customer complaints over unclear policies, stock shortages and delays.

Firms granted delay to national consumer laws

12:36AM | Monday, 6 December

Businesses in the retail and telecommunications sectors have been granted a 12-month transition period to adjust to the new Australian Consumer Law, which comes into effect on January 1, 2011.