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Employers urged to be open-minded about company culture

5:24AM | Wednesday, 30 May

Start-ups should remain open-minded with regard to piercings and tattoos among potential employees, experts say, or risk becoming too rigid in their culture and customer interactions.

Sprinkle your start-up with stardust

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

A problem that every new business struggles with is brand recognition. Pitted against large, established corporations with gargantuan marketing budgets, start-ups have to battle under a cloak of near-anonymity.

Don’t stereotype gay consumers, advertisers warned

2:01AM | Friday, 17 February

Start-ups have been urged to ensure advertising aimed at LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) consumers is subtle and avoids stereotypes, following calls from a senior ad man for greater business focus on the community.

Hungry Jack’s slogan change highlights branding challenge

10:55AM | Wednesday, 19 October

Small businesses that introduce a new tagline must ensure it reflects larger changes within the brand, experts say, after fast-food franchise Hungry Jacks ditched its 16-year old slogan.

Coles’ clothing range prompts add-on advice

8:31AM | Friday, 26 August

Retail experts say Coles’ new clothing range won’t threaten smaller players, while others say it highlights the pros and cons of introducing add-on products.

Start-ups must dodge Colorado’s branding blunders, experts say

6:52AM | Wednesday, 15 June

Start-ups need to diversify their offering without diluting their brand, according to industry experts, to avoid suffering the same fate as debt-laden clothing and footwear company Colorado Group.

Fashion designer Collette Dinnigan in naming legal battle

4:56AM | Wednesday, 13 April

Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan will face off in the Federal Court against an accessories chain over the use of its name.

Businesses urged to adopt subtle baby boomer approach

4:29AM | Friday, 1 April

Start-ups looking to market their offerings at the increasingly wealthy over-55 demographic have been warned to steer clear of stereotypes and refrain from being too literal or patronising in their approach.

My First Vegemite highlights perils of spin-off products

2:36AM | Thursday, 17 February

A branding expert says start-ups must tread with caution with launching spin-off products or they run the risk of undermining their brand.

Start-ups can learn from Starbucks’ logo woes

1:35AM | Friday, 7 January

The consumer backlash sparked by the decision of global coffee chain Starbucks to change its logo had led branding experts to warn that it’s crucial for companies to get their logos right from the start.

10 lessons start-ups can take from Oprah

2:22AM | Wednesday, 9 February

Following months of hype, the Oprah publicity bandwagon has finally hit our shores.