Greg Hayes


Time to write off your asset-based tax

3:24AM | Saturday, 16 March

If you are a small business entity (SBE) then you may be entitled to the accelerated depreciation provisions for the current financial year.

Getting ready to sell your business

3:35AM | Wednesday, 13 March

If you have started the year with a plan to position your business for a sale then you will need to have all of the pieces in place.

Don’t ignore tax obligations if you are a company director

3:06AM | Thursday, 14 March

February tends to be the worst cashflow month for many SMEs. Mix the extra costs coming out of the holiday season, some downtime and the wind up for the new year and cash can be tight.

Seven key challenges set to hit SMEs in 2013

3:31AM | Thursday, 14 March

Another year is underway. Most businesses are now back on deck and it’s time to think about what is likely to occur over the coming months.

Top 10 fatal start-up mistakes

1:08AM | Monday, 7 January

This article first appeared June 22, 2012.   With warnings of a second global financial crisis and consumers at home who refuse to part with their cash, it may seem like hard times are ahead for Australian small businesses.

Five ways the business Grinch could strike this year

12:03AM | Monday, 10 December

Depending on your business, Christmas is a time of peak sales or it’s a quieter period, allowing you time to reflect on how 2012 has treated you.

When the taxman comes knocking

11:55AM | Friday, 23 November

“I’m from the Tax Office and I’m here to help you.”

Buying a business – is it for you?

11:12AM | Wednesday, 21 November

Record numbers of Australian entrepreneurs are looking to sell up and move onto other things, figures released this week contend.

Five key reasons why start-ups fail

11:35PM | Tuesday, 20 November

In a lively speech delivered last week, former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull covered everything from hard hats and fluoro vests to the embracing of “creative destruction” in his critique of Australia’s start-up scene.

Five Christmas slip-ups your business must avoid

11:51AM | Tuesday, 13 November

The countdown to Christmas is now on. Lots of fun, lots of activity and the rush to get everything finished before the break.

Five ways to keep your bank manager onside

10:49AM | Wednesday, 10 October

Cashflow – it’s a vital ingredient for any small business. No matter how profitable you are, if the cash runs out you are in trouble.

Thursday 13 September

9:46AM | Thursday, 13 September

With business insolvencies uncomfortably high, falling confidence and flat consumer spending, now isn’t the time to be indulgent with your late-paying customers.

Seven ways to keep your late-paying customers in check

9:26AM | Wednesday, 12 September

Customers – we all have them and they are what keep us in business. But what is the risk that your customer could put you out of business?

What’s your business worth?

8:21AM | Wednesday, 1 August

In the early stages of most businesses it is all about growing the business, getting it to a sustainable level and then building the profits. Sooner or later, though, you will ask yourself the question – what is my business worth?

Home-based business regulations explained

8:47AM | Wednesday, 1 August

Home-based businesses might not have to worry about office rents and staff wages, but that doesn’t mean that they completely escape time-consuming red tape.

How creative can you be with your taxable profits?

7:56AM | Wednesday, 18 July

With the financial year finished, you may be looking at your end of year position. Hopefully it is a nice healthy profit, in which case you may be thinking about the best way to manage those profits for tax purposes. Everyone will agree that the less tax you have to pay the better.

Keeping out of the tax spotlight

7:08AM | Wednesday, 4 July

The end of the financial year has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you can become complacent about the role of tax in your business.

Five ways to start the new financial year with a bang

6:53AM | Thursday, 28 June

The weekend will see the end of the 2011-12 financial year, one that has seen start-ups under pressure from continued consumer caution and a tricky funding environment, with insolvency figures creeping steadily upwards.

Seven essential tax time housekeeping tips

6:36AM | Wednesday, 6 June

The end of the financial year is now just weeks away.

Five little-known costs that can sting your start-up

5:23AM | Wednesday, 9 May

Starting a business invariably involves a series of “obvious” costs such as finding and fitting out business premises, permits and licenses, inventory and equipment, and initial marketing costs.