James Griffin


Five social media stuff-ups you need to avoid

3:33AM | Wednesday, 13 March

As we outlined recently, Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world, while Facebook is still picking up considerable numbers of new users despite seemingly reaching saturation point.

HMV staff hijack Twitter feed, live-tweet mass layoffs

2:22AM | Friday, 1 February

Small businesses have been warned yet again to keep a closer eye on how they manage their social media accounts, after a disgruntled employee of collapsed music retail chain HMV hijacked the company's Twitter account and started live-tweeting about mass lay-offs.

Getting a return on your social media investment

11:17AM | Tuesday, 27 November

Businesses large and small are rushing onto Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to engage with customers.

Companies caught in Alan Jones crossfire highlight key social media lessons

3:52AM | Tuesday, 12 March

p>The storm surrounding businesses that advertised on Alan Jones' now ad-free radio show serves as an excellent lesson for SMEs in how to deal with social media backlash.

The next social media wave: Five golden rules to follow

6:50PM | Wednesday, 20 June

Social media is a relatively cost effective tool that increasing numbers of Australian businesses, regardless of size or sector, are eagerly grasping.

Five secrets to engaging with customers using social media

5:13AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Slowly but surely, Australian businesses are beginning to take social media seriously. But is it a genuine communication channel with customers or just another box to tick?

Facebook launches Check In Deals in Australia

8:11AM | Tuesday, 16 August

Facebook has finally launched its Check In Deals feature in Australia, attracting the likes of KFC and Westfield, but the company insists the service is not off limits to small businesses.

Online reputation management sector on the rise: Experts

4:43AM | Friday, 15 April

The launch of a new start-up called Applicatr highlights the rise in online reputation management as a business sector, according to tech industry figures.