James Omond


Why lawyers are failing start-ups

3:23AM | Thursday, 14 March

The vexed issue of getting legal help often comes down to two key questions for start-ups – when do you get it and can you afford it? Unfortunately, the legal profession can appear weighted against new businesses.

Five ways the business Grinch could strike this year

12:03AM | Monday, 10 December

Depending on your business, Christmas is a time of peak sales or it’s a quieter period, allowing you time to reflect on how 2012 has treated you.

I’m a soloist, but not by choice!

10:45AM | Wednesday, 10 October

I’m a soloist, but not by choice! My business partner ditched me at the last minute, taking all of the business’ branding and ideas with him. What can I do?   This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by lawyer James Omond   Unfortunately, this situation is more common than you would expect (or hope).

I’ve got a great idea and want to protect my intellectual property. What should I do?

10:17AM | Wednesday, 3 October

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by lawyer James Omond.   Unfortunately, this question is a bit like the old chestnut about the piece of string. So at the risk of being accused of not giving a straight answer: It all depends.

Five intellectual property mistakes start-ups must avoid

6:41PM | Thursday, 21 June

Toiling away at a business only for a competitor to steal your product idea or brand may be the nightmare of many entrepreneurs, but research out this week shows that worryingly few are prepared to do anything about it.

The National Business Name Register: All you need to know

5:59AM | Monday, 28 May

Choosing a business name may be a mundane experience that provides a perfunctory label for your product or service, or it can be an inspired piece of branding that will help fast-track your business into consumers’ minds.

Star Wars bathers prompt warning over licensing fees

5:34AM | Friday, 11 May

A legal expert says start-ups need to consider the cost of licence fees before they adorn their products with images from movies or books, after a Brisbane fashion label produced Star Wars images on its clothing range.

Apple co-founder says patent wars will hurt start-ups

4:38AM | Tuesday, 10 April

The number of intellectual property lawsuits being filed by major tech companies could prevent future entrepreneurs from achieving success, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Friday 8 July

7:27PM | Thursday, 7 July

Today on StartupSmart, entrepreneur and consultant Tom McKaskill shows you how to generate customer love for your business.