Julia Bickerstaff


Why the price is rarely right for start-ups

7:47AM | Monday, 23 July

Deciding what to charge can be a huge decision for a new business. Over-charge and you risk alienating potential customers. Under-charge and you may not be able to meet demand.

Ask yourself if you would re-hire your team

2:53AM | Thursday, 23 February

This article first appeared September 19, 2011.   Last week I attended a fabulous webinar with Julia Bickerstaff, a small business expert who has works with both start-ups (particularly in the mumpreneur space) and larger businesses who need help with strategic issues.

Mum’s the word

5:50AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Last weekend, a host of mothers who have started their own businesses, better known as “mumpreneurs”, gathered in Sydney for the 2011 AusMumpreneur of the Year Awards.

10 milestones to hit in your first year

5:49AM | Wednesday, 2 May

StartupSmart may be heading unscathed towards its first birthday on Thursday, but it’s clear that many start-ups don’t manage to make it that far or merely limp to their first anniversary.

What is driving Australians to start up businesses?

4:29AM | Friday, 27 April

Are you sitting at work, stewing over a long-held start-up idea while silently cursing your boss for his or her incompetence?

Start-ups urged to be wary of Telstra customer strategy

2:21AM | Friday, 11 February

Start-ups should think twice before adopting Telstra’s new strategy of acquiring customers ahead of profits, according to two business advisors.