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Zynga and Facebook: Why the social media game is changing

12:58AM | Friday, 7 December

Last week, we saw the relationship between Zynga and Facebook change. You can read the SEC filings here.

Why cloud computing makes sense for tech start-ups

8:18AM | Friday, 3 August

One of the benefits of starting BuyReply is that I have been able to reconnect with technology.

The best investment I never made

6:56AM | Tuesday, 26 June

The best investment I never made was not having a student loan and not buying a property.

Is it time to pivot?

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

As far as buzzwords go, to “pivot” is a term that many Australian start-ups would still respond blankly to. But the concept, now established in Silicon Valley, is starting to gain traction Down Under.

Swim with your arms and kick with your legs

3:47PM | Friday, 30 March

One of the key differences between BuyReply and Lind Golf is that BuyReply’s business model gives us control over our inbound and outbound sale efforts.