Marcia Griffin


How can I grab customers’ attention?

6:38AM | Wednesday, 19 June

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by marketing consultant Marcia Griffin   One of the key rules of selling is this - we sell ourselves first. Our company second. Our product third.   So if our business is retail we need to look very clearly at ourselves in the mirror to see how others would see us.   We need to reflect on the business we are in and the product we are selling. For example, if our business is food then cleanliness and neatness are critical.   If our business is fashion, we need to present ourselves in line with what we are selling. If our business is health we need to look healthy!   While our presentation is critical so is our manner - are we smiling, happy, keen to make our customers happy? Are we efficient and focused on them?   Or are we or our team on the phone talking to a friend, arranging the weekend? Nothing turns me off more than the sales assistant who is not paying attention.   Other question to consider include: is our retail business looking good? Does it show we love our merchandise? What does the store tell about the product?   We need to be efficient without being officious. Give your customer some space but connect on a personal level, such as the weather, or football (if you are Melbourne based!)   Mention how they look, which is great of course. Show them something they could be interested in. Have a good look at them - their presentation may give you some hints about what could interest them, whether that’s the latest product, the most colourful product or the best value product.   Great sales people have great insights into their customers, because they follow another rule - they ask, listen and tell, in that order!

How do I deal with all the regulatory red tape?

3:46AM | Wednesday, 13 March

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Griffin+Row founder Marcia Griffin   Yes, there is a lot to do when starting up a business.

I’ve arranged a series of meetings with potential clients. But what should I wear?

11:39AM | Wednesday, 28 November

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Griffin & Row founder Marcia Griffin.   The key to making a good first impression is twofold – wear what you feel and look good in and, secondly, think carefully about who you are meeting.

How quickly should you follow up a sales call to a prospect?

11:09AM | Wednesday, 21 November

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Griffin+Row’s founder Marcia Griffin.   This is an interesting question as there is no one answer! However, there are a few things you can do to reduce your feelings of insecurity.

Entrepreneurial politics

10:57AM | Wednesday, 24 October

Earlier this week, I read the news that Marcia Griffin is running as a candidate in the Stonnington City Council elections in the inner-southern suburbs of Melbourne.

My sales efforts keep getting knocked back with a barrage of “no’s”. What should I do?

9:31AM | Wednesday, 12 September

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by griffin+row founder Marcia Griffin.   “No” is such a small but potentially daunting word. I love to address this subject because I can speak from very practical experience, I think I had 20 no’s before I got a yes when I started Pola Cosmetics.

Wednesday 23 May

5:17AM | Wednesday, 23 May

StartupSmart recently made the short trip to Melbourne co-working space The Hub to see Brendan O’Connor, the Federal Small Business Minister, grilled by start-ups on everything from red tape to export markets.

OPINION: High time to embrace female tech entrepreneurs

11:50AM | Thursday, 1 November

At SmartCompany, sister publication to StartupSmart, we have always been huge supporters of Australia’s female entrepreneurs.

Should I treat my large customers differently?

3:19AM | Tuesday, 13 March

I seem to be able to get my smaller customers to be repeat purchasers, but with my larger clients it’s a bit harder. Should I be treating them differently?   Small customers can turn into big customers and vice versa.

New ways to cut costs

4:24AM | Friday, 27 April

There’s no better time to have a look at your cost base and try to put a bit more bounce in your bottom line.