Martin Nally


Stopping corporate culture from strangling your start-up

3:49AM | Wednesday, 13 March

A lot of entrepreneurs come from a corporate background, which often stands them in good stead when they launch their start-up.

Thursday 14 February 2013

2:34PM | Wednesday, 13 February

Doing business with your spouse or partner can be fraught with danger, especially in a start-up, where emotions run high and cash is scarce. For some, the notion of working with a husband or wife, and spending every minute together building a business, is a desirable scenario. But for others, it can be a highly stressful experience, which is why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself in for. Today, business research group [email protected] explores the pros and cons of doing business with your other half. Elsewhere, HR expert Martin Nally discusses whether now is a good time to hire, while Rebekah Campbell also has some ideas about how start-ups should approach the recruitment process. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter the 2013 StartupSmart Awards before the submission deadline on February 20.

Five ways the business Grinch could strike this year

12:03AM | Monday, 10 December

Depending on your business, Christmas is a time of peak sales or it’s a quieter period, allowing you time to reflect on how 2012 has treated you.

Don’t take a casual approach to casual staff, start-ups warned

3:13AM | Monday, 11 March

A recruitment expert has warned start-ups to tread carefully with regard to casual staff, after a survey revealed more than a third of employers have increased their use of temporary workers over the past 12 months.

Widespread sickies puts focus on start-ups’ sick leave policies

8:48AM | Wednesday, 29 August

Start-ups should “undoubtedly” put in place a sick leave policy from the get-go, an expert says, after a report revealed Australians are taking a third more sick leave than their UK counterparts.

Five ways to stay ahead of the copycats

8:50AM | Thursday, 23 August

It emerged this week that start-up retailer Lonely Kids Club deployed a novel method of combating what it perceived as a rival plagiarising its designs.

Employers urged to be open-minded about company culture

5:24AM | Wednesday, 30 May

Start-ups should remain open-minded with regard to piercings and tattoos among potential employees, experts say, or risk becoming too rigid in their culture and customer interactions.

Twitter could outshine LinkedIn for recruitment, report reveals

4:18AM | Tuesday, 24 April

Twitter is emerging as an increasingly useful platform for recruiters, according to new research into job advertisements on social media services.

Five top tips for hiring an older worker

5:22AM | Wednesday, 2 May

If you haven’t considered hiring an older worker to your start-up, it may be worth switching your mindset.

Employers to be offered $1,000 bonus for hiring older workers

4:19AM | Wednesday, 18 April

Start-ups are being urged to consider older workers as a viable talent pool, after the Federal Government announced it will offer a $1,000 bonus to employers who hire a worker aged 50 or over.

Expert offers planning tips after Pinterest co-founder departs

4:20AM | Wednesday, 4 April

Start-up founders need to be realistic about how long they intend to stay with their business, an expert says, after Pinterest co-founder Paul Sciarra announced his departure from the company.

Wednesday April 4, 2012

4:42PM | Tuesday, 3 April

Today on StartupSmart, business planning advisor Greg Hayes asks an age-old question: is it better to grow a business from scratch or buy a business?

10 trends from the 2012 StartupSmart Top 50

3:59AM | Thursday, 29 March

With this year’s StartupSmart Awards done and dusted, we thought we’d take a look at some of the major trends to emerge from the Top 50. Encouragingly, the list offers up a diverse range.

Family business owners neglect exit planning: Report

3:14AM | Monday, 11 March

Only 25% of family business owners consider selecting a leadership successor a critical issue, a new report reveals, prompting experts to highlight the importance of exit planning.

Employers warned over social media recruitment policy

11:39AM | Monday, 28 November

Employers who use social media to screen job candidates must be consistent, an HR expert says, with a new report highlighting the impact that social media profiles have on hiring intentions.

Start-ups urged to address workplace whinging

10:52AM | Wednesday, 19 October

Employers are being urged to “sit up and take notice” of unhappy workers by reviewing their management style, in light of a new survey revealing the primary causes of workplace whinging.

Start-ups urged to be flexible with overworked staff

9:08PM | Wednesday, 7 September

Start-ups have been urged to introduce flexibility in the workplace after a major new study found that nearly half of Australian employees are not compensated for the overtime hours they work.

Steve Jobs’ exit highlights importance of succession planning

8:08AM | Thursday, 25 August

A succession planning expert says start-up founders should be wary of “becoming the business” following the shock resignation of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs.

Twitter founder’s departure prompts exit strategy warning

7:03AM | Friday, 1 July

A small business expert says start-ups must “anticipate the plateau” as part of their exit strategy, after the third and final Twitter co-founder announced his plans to leave the company to pursue other ventures.

Make your staff understand why your business is important

4:59AM | Tuesday, 19 April

HR expert Martin Nally from hranywhere likes to tell the story of using the humble zip for explaining to a group of burly manufacturing workers why they need to improve their quality levels.