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Complaints about franchises rise as ACCC looks to crack down

1:08AM | Thursday, 31 January

Complaints to the consumer watchdog about franchises have increased as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission increases its audits.

ACCC to authorise new code for casual mall licensing

3:25AM | Monday, 11 March

The competition watchdog is likely to authorise a new voluntary code of practice for casual mall licensing, compiled by the Shopping Centre Council of Australia, which could affect start-ups.

ACCC flags financial penalties for Franchising Code breaches

3:53AM | Tuesday, 12 March

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for stronger sanctions for breaches of the Franchising Code as the sector continues to boom.

Why the price is rarely right for start-ups

7:47AM | Monday, 23 July

Deciding what to charge can be a huge decision for a new business. Over-charge and you risk alienating potential customers. Under-charge and you may not be able to meet demand.

ACCC issues warning over franchise income claims

7:56PM | Tuesday, 10 July

The competition watchdog is urging prospective franchisees to check and substantiate claims made about potential income, following complaints in the cleaning and home services industry.

The carbon tax: What your business must know

6:44AM | Friday, 29 June

The carbon tax has been a contentious issue in the Australian business community since the Federal Government announced shortly after the last election that it will come into effect on July 1 this year.

ACCC guide reveals do’s and don’ts of carbon price claims

5:58AM | Monday, 28 May

Start-ups now have no excuse for breaking the rules with regard to the carbon tax, after the competition watchdog launched an updated guide and a series of videos on carbon price claims.

Retailers and web firms warned as $85 million is lost to fraud

3:07AM | Monday, 19 March

Retailers, pet groomers and web designers are frequent targets for scams, an academic says, after the competition watchdog revealed more than $85 million was lost in business scams last year.

Hunt underway for first federal small business commissioner

3:01AM | Thursday, 15 March

Small business experts are speculating on the role of the federal small business commissioner, including how it will differ from that of the small business minister and state commissioners.

Labor announces establishment of Small Business Commissioner

3:43AM | Wednesday, 14 March

The Gillard Government has announced the establishment of a Federal Small Business Commissioner, which it says will act as an advocate for and provide information to Australia’s 2.7 million small businesses.

Safety company caught out for promoting “compulsory” products

3:54AM | Monday, 11 March

A workplace safety company based in NSW has pledged to remedy alleged misrepresentations made to small businesses concerning the need for its products.

ACCC to crackdown on franchise compliance

10:31AM | Monday, 10 October

Competition watchdog ACCC says it will focus on compliance in the franchising sector in order to “improve its standing”, while industry experts say the sector is performing well financially.

Micro firms warned of end-of-financial-year scams

7:53AM | Friday, 1 July

Entrepreneurs are being urged to keep their guards up to avoid invoice and billing scams, as fraudsters use the end of the financial year to target unsuspecting small firms.

ACCC launches online help for new consumer laws

12:34PM | Saturday, 4 December

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched an online module for small businesses to help them understand upcoming consumer guarantee laws.

How to spy on your staff & stop fraud

4:27AM | Friday, 27 April

It's one of the worst experiences an entrepreneur can imagine – having your business ripped off through fraud. Thousands of small business owners every year wake up to this nightmare, finding they've lost thousands of dollars, private business data and potentially even the company itself.