Paul Clements


Do I really need an actual accountant? Can’t I just use accountancy software and do it myself?

3:38AM | Friday, 15 March

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Paul Clements, founding principal and CEO of Clements Dunne & Bell, a chartered accountancy and business advisory service.

Should I look at leasing if I’m short on funds?

11:22AM | Wednesday, 14 November

I need a few new items for my business but can’t really afford them at once. Is leasing a good option for me?

How can I get my accounts sorted out so they don’t put off any potential investors?

11:08AM | Wednesday, 7 November

A potential investor has asked for financial information in order to complete due diligence.

Keeping the peace

4:16PM | Saturday, 28 April

Brawling with other businesses is something that very few entrepreneurs think of when starting up. But the issue of disputes is becoming an increasingly pressing problem for start-ups, many of which can’t afford costly legal battles.

Small firms warned over financial advice

1:03AM | Friday, 21 January

Businesses could be forced to seek legal advice on complicated tax affairs after a tribunal found that a property developer who relied on his accountant’s advice had not exercised reasonable care.