Business ideas



Five questions to help you pick the right startup idea

1:11PM | Monday, 4 January 2016 | Bin Teo

How do I know if this business idea is the right one?

How we got the Sydney tech community to unite to help refugees

12:23PM | Wednesday, 2 December 2015 | Anne-Marie Elias

It all started with a tweet...

App puts mental health help at people’s finger and thumb tips

12:09PM | Tuesday, 1 December 2015 | Mark Kearney

Professional mental health advice is now only a text message away.

Israel inspires young Aussie entrepreneurs to be team players

11:34PM | Friday, 27 November 2015 | Denham Sadler

They say the biggest lesson from the trip was the need to work co-operatively as a national ecosystem.

Lucy Turnbull backs Policy Hack winner's outstanding idea

11:26PM | Thursday, 26 November 2015 | Denham Sadler

Policy Hack winner Erin Watson-Lynn now has a high-profile patron for her push to teach kids entrepreneurial skills through a Lemonade Stand Day.

Students get a chance to ‘test-drive’ cyber careers

11:14AM | Thursday, 19 November 2015 | Mark Kearney

A program hoping to grow the number of young people aspiring to a career in STEM has launched in Australia with the aim of connecting high school and uni students with corporate mentors.

Israel an innovation revelation for Wyatt Roy and party

11:17PM | Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | Denham Sadler

A group of 50 Australian entrepreneurs, founders, investors and public servants have returned from a fact-finding mission to Israel with a host of lessons and inspiration.

Why the end of the year is a bad time to launch

11:05PM | Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | Alan Jones

Instinctively pushing your team, suppliers and investors to be finished by year’s end can have negative consequences for your business.

It’s time for an eAustralia Card

11:58PM | Monday, 9 November 2015 | Matthew Sorell

Australian e-government is a long way behind many other developed nations, and our national leadership continues to offer little in the way of policy direction.

Turnbull talks innovation again ahead of policy launch

11:01AM | Monday, 9 November 2015 | Denham Sadler

The federal government will be delivering its much-anticipated innovation statement next month.

“No one can shut it down”: Kim Dotcom outlines plans for “people’s” alternative internet

10:54PM | Friday, 30 October 2015 | Denham Sadler

The “world’s most controversial internet entrepreneur” Kim Dotcom has further outlined plans for an “alternative internet” that he says would guarantee users complete privacy.

Lessons from an unlikely tech entrepreneur

10:07PM | Tuesday, 13 October 2015 | Lincoln Easton

From teachers to artists, stockbrokers to plumbers, no one is short of an idea for the Next Big Thing.

NFL quarterback great Steve Young passes on his startup wisdom

9:47PM | Friday, 18 September 2015 | Kye White

Great business leaders need to be accountable and encourage a culture of inclusion, according to former NFL quarterback Steve Young.

Six reasons enterprises might rethink hiring an app developer from Craigslist

9:13PM | Friday, 18 September 2015 | Mark McDonald

The classic trade-off – you can have it fast and cheap or you can have it good– holds in the world of app development.

How startups can improve the world 1% at a time

9:21PM | Thursday, 17 September 2015 | Kye White

The Pledge 1% philanthropy program is well on the way of meeting the goal it set late last year of signing up 500 companies by December.

Facebook dislike won’t be disagreeable, Zuckerberg says

9:38AM | Thursday, 17 September 2015 | Denham Sadler

Facebook will soon be testing an empathy button to give users a different way to react.

Uber shows that it means business

9:47PM | Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | Cara Waters

The ride-sharing startup launched Business Profiles on Uber for Business at its headquarters in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Making electric cars fun: why the newest Porsche runs on batteries

9:24PM | Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | Pierre McDonagh

Examining the gap between people expressing concern for the environment, but not changing their consumer behaviour when it came to the cars they bought.

Control issues: Patent reveals Google’s self-driving car is not all hands-off

9:30AM | Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | Denham Sadler

A new Google patent has addressed some of the questions surrounding how a self-driving car would actually be operated.

Temptation and exercise: how apps can help you make commitments you can't refuse

7:36PM | Wednesday, 29 July 2015 | David Glance

Economists have long proposed that the solution to our inability to look after ourselves is to use commitment devices.