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Bean bag doubles as backpack

Thursday, 27 October 2011 | By Michelle Hammond

Bean BagThis article first appeared on October 28th, 2011.


A mumpreneur has invented a beach chair that doubles as a backpack, taking the packhorse drudgery out of a day at the beach with her children.


Katherine Drayton’s Sand Wedge Outdoor Bean Bag, which was recognised through The Australian Innovation Challenge, achieves several outcomes.


“She has patented her beach chair that adapts to different body shapes, providing comfort for a spinal injury,” Innovation Minister Kim Carr said in a statement.


“[It also] easily transforms into a backpack to carry the family’s beach paraphernalia.”


Meanwhile, the company’s website points out that sand wedge bean bags aren’t reserved for the beach but can also be used beside the pool, on a boat or at outdoor events and movies.


“They weigh less than a kilo… It’s ideal for whole family, from adults to small children, and mums with babes,” the website states.


According to Carr, Drayton’s idea shows innovation can come from anywhere and anyone, and has the power to improve the way we live.


Can you think of any other everyday inventions that consumers could benefit from?