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Don’t whine about it! Come up with your own grape idea instead

Monday, 17 June 2013 | By StartupSmart

When was the last time you spent ages waiting or searching for something, online or in real life, only to find it didn’t exist? If you were feeling especially proactive (or annoyed), you might even have emailed a likely provider with the idea.


Next time, don’t. Create it yourself.


Georgia Beattie did exactly that. Her single-serve wine glasses were created after she spent hours in line at a music festival waiting for a wine, only to find it was considered unsafe to serve. She partnered with Treasury Wine Estates to create these safe, single-serve wines. They’ve since been used at the MCG and other venues.


The shatter-proof wine glasses have led to an ongoing entrepreneurial business for Beattie focused on contract packaging.


What items have you spent ages looking for and couldn’t locate? Or sighed because what you were craving wasn’t available for logistical reasons?