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Grip Clip is an idea that sticks

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

Always scrambling for a pen or pencil? A new invention called the Grip Clip is aimed at ending this frustration, albeit in a rather conspicuous way.


The Grip Clip is a piece of soft plastic, which slides onto the user’s glasses. It can hold a pencil, pen or other similarly sized object.


It was created by Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe, two graduating Stanford students majoring in mechanical engineering-product design


“Whether your glasses are on your head, hanging on your shirt, or actually on your face, a Grip Clip turns your glasses into a useful tool,” the duo says in a Kickstarter campaign


“After extensive testing in our secret laboratory, we have found that the Grip Clip can successfully hold many different sizes and shapes of objects.


“We set out to hold a pencil, but have been constantly surprised at what it will hold! It’s a tough little clip.”


Students and office workers are always appreciative of tools that make their jobs easier. Can you think of any ideas that are similar to the Clip Grip?