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Mini barbecue a treat for apartment-dwellers

Monday, 20 May 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

Apartment-dwellers without a garden need not miss out on a barbie – the Bruce Handrail Grill can hang from a balcony rail like a pot plant or be fixed to a wall.


German designer Henrik Drecker’s $77 mini barbecue has enough capacity to cook two burgers and two sausages at once.


“Times where the usual wood-coal-grill blocked the passageway and didn’t leave any space for tables and chairs have ended,” writes Connox.com.


“Bruce offers summery barbecuing and get-togethers on the homely terrace, instead of overfilled parks and bathing grassland.”


As houses become smaller, the demand for smaller versions of household items – such as barbecues – will continue to grow.


Can you think of any other items that could do with a downsize?