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The EasyOven helps outdoor enthusiasts cook up a storm

Friday, 17 May 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

A Brisbane-based company has created a product called the EasyOven, an all-in-one insulated oven, which retains heat to slow cook food with less energy.


The initial cooking can be started on the kitchen stovetop, gas burner, paraffin stove or an open campfire. The cooking pot is then placed in the EasyOven to continue the cooking process for the required time.


In addition to being lightweight, the EasyOven is easy to clean, carry and store, and can be flat-packed.


EasyOven claims it can improve eating habits by cooking food with a higher nutritional value, and decrease the impact on the environment by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.


“Our key target customers include households, travelers/campers, farmers, boat owners, remote/ indigenous communities and aid organisations,” the company says.


Perhaps you take inspiration from the EasyOven and launch something similar?