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Ask an outsider

Tuesday, 4 February 2014 | By Taskmaster

Most of the rest of the world cares far less about your industry than you do.


Sorry to say it, but it’s the truth.


It’s a point Old Taskmaster has talked about before. When you’re in “the bubble” of an industry, it can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of the fact that the majority of the human race doesn’t spend a large part of their waking lives thinking about it.


Often, it’s the common sense of those outside the bubble, rather than the people trapped within it, that inspires big industry-shaking company-defining innovations.


Of course, this raises a question: What do people outside your industry think of it? What do they make of it? What do they make of your product?


It’s why it’s worthwhile making a point of asking random people about your industry and seeing what they say.


Ask anyone who’s not connected to your industry. Ask your friends. Ask your partner. Ask your family. Ask your neighbours. Ask that random guy sitting next to you at the bar. Ask your cab driver. See what they say.


Sure, it’ll probably be less informed than what you’re used to hearing at work. The information might be out of date. That’s okay – you’re getting the popular perception of your industry from outside your industry bubble.


They might point out some problems, issues and solutions you aren’t aware of. They might point out misconceptions your marketing can play into. They might point out where your marketing has room for improvement.


Whether you act on it, or how, is up to you. One thing, however, is almost certain: You won’t get the standard “how we do things around here” conventional wisdom spiel you’d get from an industry insider.


So go – ask an outsider!


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