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Six Australian companies have begun listing on international start-up stock exchange

Friday, 5 July 2013 | By Rose Powell

Almost 100 start-ups have begun the listing process with newly launched Startup Stock Exchange, including six Australian companies.


The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) is based in Curacao, and regulated by the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange.


The 97 businesses that have applied to list span a range of industries with E-commerce and web tool start-ups the most listed (13.4%), followed by social media/loyalty systems start-ups (13.4%).


Financial services make up 10.3% of listings, with travel and consumer goods making up just over 6% of listings each.


Australia is in the top-five most interested countries according to the Startup Stock Exchange. More companies have begun listing from India (16), Nigeria (12), Argentina (9) and Brazil (6).


Ian Haet, chief executive of the SSX, told StartupSmart Australians appreciate the need for a global market for capital raising and investment.


“I believe Australians understand very well the power of the global community and thus they were receptive to a global platform,” Haet says.


“There is a need to receive that funding on a regulated marketplace where start-ups have access to a global pool of investors. SSX caters to those needs, and companies worldwide understand the benefits.”


Haet says he is seeing a trend from all the listing companies about a desire for a marketplace where location and networks aren’t the make-or-break factors.


“There are thousands of companies with great teams, great products and huge markets, but they don't have access to capital because they are not in California or don't have a rolodex of investors,” Haet says, adding the SSX makes investment a more level playing field.


While SSX is yet to release information about investors and available funds, Haet says they will be in a few weeks and they’re confident of developing a wide range of investors.


“We are very pleased with our investor registrations, especially the coverage across the globe,” Haet says.