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New iPhone app offers co-founders “couple counselling”

Thursday, 5 July 2012 | By Michelle Hammond

A new iPhone app called Cofounderly offers co-founders “couple counselling” for their start-up, joining a growing list of platforms designed to help entrepreneurs match up.


Cofounderly was developed by US-based company TheIceBreak, which previously launched an app whereby couples answer “icebreaker” questions for the sake of their relationship.


They can also post private messages to each other and receive scores on the quality of their relationship.


While co-founder Christina Brodbeck was looking at the app’s user data, she noticed there were co-founders using the app to communicate, which set in motion the idea for Cofounderly.


“If your relationship status is ‘in a start-up’ or if you are confounded by your co-founder, then this is the app for you,” the company says on the App Store.


“Cofounderly is a simple, entertaining and insightful way for busy co-founders to stay connected… and avoid a nasty start-up divorce.”


It asks questions such as, “Which one is a higher priority for startups – retention or growth? Why?” and offers suggestions like “Come up with and serve a company-themed cocktail”.


However, the Cofounderly app isn’t the first idea inspired by the complex relationship of co-founders. Here’s two local examples:


Cofounder Speed Date


Launched earlier this year, Cofounder Speed Date is the brainchild of Project PowerUp founder Ryan Wardell and tech entrepreneur Navdeep Siani.


“The idea is to connect business founders with tech founders… This is less about the business idea and more about meeting people with the skills you need,” Wardell says.


Wardell says he decided to set up Cofounder Speed Date after his own struggle to find a tech co-founder for his business.


“Sydney has a wonderful start-up ecosystem now, but nearly all of it requires you to already have the right team in place first,” he said.


“What was missing was a simple and efficient way to meet people with the skills you need, who want to work in a start-up.”


He realised there was a huge demand for regular events connecting tech and non-tech entrepreneurs, which prompted him to set up Cofounder Speed Date.




Cofounda is a smartphone app that aims to change the way entrepreneurs connect with each other locally and globally, inspired by the concept of co-founder speed dating events.


It is a location-based, instant messaging service for entrepreneurs, investors and people “wanting to start something”, but who need someone else to help them turn their idea into a reality.


Available on the iOS and Android platforms, the app launched in Sydney earlier this year. It was founded by Angela Vithoulkas, Jarrod O’Connell, Daniel Filmer and Mathew Beeche.


The app combines geolocation technology and instant messaging to assist its members, connecting them with potential co-founders, consultants, resources and services for their start-up.


Users are able to chat in real time with those who have complementary skill sets and interests.


Cofounda chief executive Dan Filmer said finding the right co-founder for an idea or project is one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face.


“The process can be a long, arduous and de-motivating task. Our goal is to change that,” he said.