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Slow-cooked American cuisine a tasty idea

Thursday, 21 February 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

start-up-idea-meat-motherThe traditional Aussie barbeque has some hot competition from its slow-cooked American cousin, highlighting a new area of opportunity for entrepreneurs.


The Redheads Gourmet BBQ Festival, starting on March 1 in St Kilda, will have a distinctly US flavour. 


Meatmother, an American barbeque, beer and bourbon restaurant launching on Swan Street in Richmond next month, is all over it like hot sauce.  


Co-owner Neil Hamblen says there’s a lot of interest in cuisine and techniques.


“People are asking how many hours we smoke our brisket for, what spices we use in our ribs,” he says.  


Australians are no strangers to American food, although Meatmother sounds a lot more upmarket than McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme.


Why not beat the Yanks at their own game and create your own all-American food concept?