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Travel outfit runs hot and cold

Thursday, 28 February 2013 | By Michelle Hammond

start-up-idea-travel-outfirA UK holiday site called TravelSupermarket has created the ultimate travel outfit for both hot and cold weather.


By zipping various elements on or off, it can be a warm jacket with a hood, a strapless dress and a miniskirt. Wearers can also fashion the jacket sleeves into a shoulder bag.


TravelSupermarket made the outfit after a study found 57% of holidaymakers have stepped off a plane in unsuitable clothing.


“For holidaymakers, deciding what to wear when travelling is a constant dilemma,” says TravelSupermarket spokesman Bob Atkinson.




“Dressing appropriately for the UK weather, as well as for the climate at the destination, can prove a struggle.


“We’ve created a comfortable, stylish outfit to make travelling easier so holidaymakers don’t have to worry about what to travel in.


“If there is enough interest in our prototype we will definitely consider putting a limited-edition run into production.”


How else might you improve the experiences of clueless travelers?