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Young entrepreneur to launch a startup that helps you get tasks done in less than four hours

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 | By Broede Carmody

Speedlancer is a new platform that will allow users to outsource miscellaneous tasks to experienced freelancers. But there’s a catch – projects will be finished within four hours of a “Speedlancer” accepting the task.


19-year-old entrepreneur Adam Stone says the idea came to him because he needed to outsource a lot and found he wasn’t happy with the options out there – often disappointed with the result.


“The quality was quite low and the time it took for delivery was up to 14 days – for example a logo design or anything else you want done,” he says.


At the moment the startup is focusing on design, writing and data entry. But Stone says he hopes to expand the platform to cover many more categories. At the moment Speedlancer has hired around 60 freelancers in various time zones, but Stone says he hopes to see that number rise.


“I definitely think crowdsourcing is the future,” he says. “You have 99designs and all those amazing concepts, but there hasn’t been one to get the task done as quickly as possible. Having the most number of Speedlancers we can will guarantee the quickest times for our customers.”


Late last year Stone attended the 2013 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in Washington DC.


“I always had this idea but it was really straight after that that I thought, why not try something new?”


Going to the US and seeing how America encouraged its entrepreneurs to give things a go inspired Stone to leverage the power of the crowd.


“It’s just about giving things a shot,” he says. “Everyone has failures. It’s just a matter of failing quickly and not really investing too much until you’ve got your market sorted out.”