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Make today a selling day

Wednesday, 13 October 2010 | By The Taskmaster

The Taskmaster says 'it's time to start selling'While the start-up entrepreneur has got to work across accounts, HR, business strategy and purchasing, you should never lose sight of the fact that you most important job is selling your product and service.


It’s tough, I know. Here at Taskmaster enterprises, I often find that my day is chewed up by tasks such as meetings, paperwork and office politics that the job of actually meeting with current and prospective clients falls by the wayside.


When this happens, I have to take a stand. I pick a day, clear my diary of all non-selling tasks and focus like the devil on selling. I make appointments to meet new customers (always with a decision maker, mind you), I make time to cold call a few new prospects and I take a current customer out for a coffee or lunch.


Yes, I have great sales people, but there is nothing like letting clients see the passion and belief of the founder.


Founders open doors, and founders close deals.


So if you find yourself getting bogged down in non revenue-generating tasks, put your foot down and say, it’s time to sell.


Get it done – today!