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A trick to try if you’re afraid of public speaking

Thursday, 31 October 2013 | By Taskmaster

It’s easy to get nervous when speaking in front of a large crowd.


Unfortunately, if you want to grow your business, there are many opportunities you’re likely to miss out on if you just sit behind a screen.


You need to go out there and sell your product to potential customers! You need to get in front of potential investors and pitch for capital!


For many people, it’s easy to get a case of stage fright in front of a crowd.


It’s funny – if you were speaking to any of the people in the audience individually, you’d be fine. Try talking to them all from the stage and the glossophobia kicks in.


Soon come the sweaty palms and an expression that screams “kangaroo dazed by high-beam headlights on a big four-wheel-drive”.


Well, if so, here’s a trick that works for Old Taskmaster – and it might just work for you.


If you can, imagine that most of the crowd isn’t there – except for one person. Make eye contact with them if you can and speak just to them as if this were just a face-to-face conversation.


Make one point while talking to just one person. Then, for your next point, look at another person and talk just to them.


You might well find delivering a presentation to one person is a lot easier than presenting to a room full of people.


Get it done – one at a time!