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Capitalism Appreciation Day 2014

Thursday, 1 May 2014 | By Taskmaster

Very long-time readers of this column will remember how, around this time last year, your humble correspondent declared May 3rd each year to be Capitalism Appreciation Day.


Basically, the short version of it is this: Business and the profit motive gets blamed anytime anything goes wrong anywhere in society. Sometimes it’s justified, and sometimes not.


But the other side of a market system is that it allows for the dynamic entrepreneurialism we see in Australia’s tech startup community. That hard work and dedication deserves to be celebrated.


There are event days commemorating everything from One Day Without Shoes Day to School Principals’ Day and everything in between (there’s a website that lists them all here) – so why not a day to celebrate capitalism?


And setting aside a day of commemoration is also a great excuse for Old Taskmaster to savour a few Brandy Old Fashioneds. That said, if you want to organise a hackathon or code a PHP web app all night while surrounded by empty Dr Pepper cans, you can do that too.


In fact, that’s the great thing about Capitalism Appreciation Day – whether you’re consuming excessively or working all night, it’s all in the spirit of the holiday.


So make sure you celebrate Capitalism Appreciation Day this weekend. Oh and tell your friends – for viral marketing is very much in the spirit of the season!


Get it done – this weekend!