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How do you measure success?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 | By Amanda Jesnoewski

Success. It’s something we all strive for yet only very few of us stop to define what it actually means to us. But how are we meant to know when we achieve it or what we need to change so we can reach it, if we don’t know how we measure our own success?


For the longest time I measured success by money. How much money I had in the bank determined how successful I thought I was. While an important part, particularly for measuring the viability of what you’re doing, money as the sole determinant of success is limiting and at times discouraging. Because not every business will be lucrative at least straight away, and not every month, quarter or even year will see your business grow from the last. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t successful.


There are many other measurements of success in addition to money that can help you define and determine your level of success. Positive, uplifting, growth gauges that will help you know you’re on the right path. What’s more, when you shift your focus to these measurements and how well you’re doing under each one, you’ll find the money comes. It’s a by-product.


So here are five measurements of success, other than money, that will help you to see your professional achievements and successes for what they really are.


1. Doing what you love and loving what you do


There is something energising and gratifying about work when you love what you do. It doesn’t seem like work, an hour goes by in what seems like five minutes. You’re comfortable and confident because you know that you’re in your strength zone.


You’re passionate and enthusiastic and people want to be in your space because of it. You push harder, strive higher and work smarter when you love what you do and you get better results and feel more satisfied because of it. Having your week filled with things you’re good at and enjoy is a sure measure of success and a recipe for it too.


2. Serving more people


If you’re helping more people and getting more customers wanting to spend money with you this is another measurement of success. Your business is growing; people are seeing the value in doing business with you. The products and services you have developed are meeting your market’s needs and your reputation is growing.


3. Gaining recognition


If you find you’re winning awards, generating media coverage, or getting more customers coming back, singing your praises, giving you testimonials and referrals this recognition is another sign of success. You’re doing something right. Your product, service and experience is valued. You’re helping people and making a difference in their lives.


4. Achieving your goals


There is nothing more rewarding than achieving the goals and targets you have set yourself, no matter how big or small they are. These achievements are signs of success too. You have to get outside your comfort zone, learn new things, take action and grow both professionally and personally in order to achieve them, core skills that will lead you to greater success.


5. How much you look forward to tomorrow


Perhaps one of the greatest measurements of a successful life is how much you look forward to tomorrow. Not to wish today away, but because a new day brings new possibilities, opportunities and happiness. The level of hope, joy and excitement you feel about what lies ahead and your willingness to overcome any challenge that comes up.


How do you measure your success?