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Boosting your creativity in business

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 | By Amanda Jesnoewski

Creativity is crucial in business. Ideas are born, problems are solved, boundaries are pushed and profitability is increased with creativity.


The ability to think differently, come up with innovative and relevant products and services and then develop creative strategies and tactics to market your business is key to your success. It is what will give you a competitive edge and help you gain and retain more customers, increase your bottom line and rapidly grow your business.



So to give your creativity a boost, here are eight tips to get your creative juices flowing:


1. Define your problem


If you're looking to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, often grabbing a sheet of paper and defining it in detail can start the creative solutions flowing.


Often when a problem or challenge is still in your head it can seem bigger than it really is, which can inhibit the creative process. By writing it down you can see it in black and white for what it really is and start identifying the solution.


2. Brainstorm


From list-making to mind-mapping, brainstorming is a great way to come up with a stack of new ideas and help you decide which ones should be implemented. There are some great brainstorming apps available, though a notepad or whiteboard can be just as effective – if not more.


3. Keep an idea book


Write down all of your ideas (good or crazy) in a book you keep close by. While some ideas may not make sense or seem feasible now, your current creativity may have potential further down the track or build into something greater with more concentrated thought.


By letting your creativity flow you encourage more creativity, so record all of your ideas as they come and only start to sort and prioritise once the inspiration has faded and you are overwhelmed with ideas.


4. Write by hand


I don't know about you but there is something about writing by hand that makes me more creative. The smell of a new notebook, the feel of the pen between my fingers and the inevitable hand cramp that comes with frantic writing just seems to spur the creative process on.


5. Read and learn


Reading and learning stimulates the mind and opens you up to new ways of thinking, making you more adaptable, knowledgeable and creative.


Your ability to see other points of view will not only help you to be a better communicator and problem solver, it will also help you improve your customer service and create more relevant products and services by looking at what your customers want and need.


6. Go for a walk


A change in scenery can be good for you if you are suffering from a lack in creativity and a walk or some gentle exercise can really help clear your head and get those creative ideas flowing again.


7. Play


Taking time away from your work to do something you enjoy can refresh you and boost your creativity. As mums in business we also have the added benefit of being around our children who are great sources of creativity. Take some time out to spend with them and be part of their imaginative play – creativity really can be contagious!


8. Do puzzles and brain teasers


Puzzles and brain teasers stimulate your brain and help you to look at problems from different points of view. The easier you're able to open your mind up to new ideas, thoughts and approaches, the more creative and successful you will be.

How do you boost your creativity?